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Two of the best movies that you must surely watch are ghilli and pothanur thabal nilayam.

  • ghilli

Plot of ghilli

The plot of the Ghilli is regarding a kabbadi player. He had been planning to participate in several regional kabaddi matches for quite some time. When he goes out to play a kabaddi match he gets in part to save a girl Dhanalakshimi from the wrongful clutches of a powerful goon.

The entire storyline of the movie Ghilli Is quite interesting to watch for all first-time viewers. Watch the movie exclusive on the aha platform.

Prime Video: Ghilli

  • pothanur thabal nilayam

Plot of pothanur thabal nilayam

The Movie pothanur thabal nilayam features a postmaster and his son. The son of the postmaster has big dreams and he aspires to become a big-shot businessman. By hook or by crook to make his dream happen he secures some amount of money from the bank.

However, as he leaves the money under the surveillance of his father the money gets stolen. Now in the section of the movie the son trusts with all his might to prove the innocence of him and his family. Watch the movie to learn how he made this happen.

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